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Bulk Migration Preparation

This tool will identify the number of ledgers that will be migrated.

To run the Bulk Migration Preparation routine, you must be logged into AE or AO as an Administrator or SuperUser. From within AE/AO, follow the menu path Maintenance > Client Accounting > Bulk Migration Preparation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Where is the data being sent and stored?

AWS S3 servers protected by Amazon standard security policies.

Q2. How long do you keep the data?

14 days, after which it will be deleted.

Q3. What is MYOB going to use the data for?

To determine the number of ledgers that will be migrated. The information will help consultants prepare for the day of the bulk migration.

Q4. What data is MYOB receiving?

Client code, client name from your AE/AO database along with the ledger code, name, type and ledger year.

Q5. How is the data transferred to MYOB? Is it secure?

All information will be sent using HTTPS, which is a secure connection. All communication between the application and our servers will be encrypted.

Q6. How long will the process take?

This will vary depending on your environment and number of clients. As a guide, 1000 clients will take approximately 15 minutes.

Q7. Can I continue to work while this process is running?

Yes, you’ll be notified when the process is complete.
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