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Client non-transaction data

Non-transaction data links to client specific data values that are required for the financial statements but are not derived from account balances in the client ledger. Non-transaction data is organised into data fields and data categories which can be viewed and edited.

icon indicates that the data field is linked to the client’s details in MYOB AE/AO. These linked fields can be edited in Non-Transaction Data in Statutory Reporter. Any changes made in Statutory Reporter are not updated to MYOB AE/AO. Click 
to reset the changes to the field and return to the MYOB AE/AO data.

Each client’s non-transaction data fields can be edited. The client’s non-transaction data is populated with information from MYOB AE/AO or it can be entered.

To access and edit the client non-transaction data
  1. Search and select the client whose non-transaction data is to be edited.

  2. Go to the Reports tab.

  3. On the TASKS bar, click Non-Transaction Data. The Statutory Reporter - Non-Transaction Data window appears. From here you can specify the non-transaction data:

    1. The client’s details. The client's name and ABN/NZBN are pulled from the main tab of the client.
    2. The compilation report. The address details are pulled from the office in the responsibility tab.
      If you don't have an address present, go to Maintenance > Maintenance Map > Internal > Offices and add your address. 
    3. The signed by, signed date and number of partners in the firm. These need to be filled in.
    4. The declaration date. This needs to be filled in. The director’s details are found in the client's Associated tab. If the directors signature isn't needed, deselect the Director is Signatory checkbox.
    5. The authorisation date. This needs to be filled in. It doesn't appear on the reports.

      If the details are not up to date, speak to the person in your company who is responsible for updating client information in AE or AO. Any changes made in Statutory Reporter are not updated to AE or AO.
  4. If you need to reset client data back to the details stored in AE or AO, click Refresh to the right of the field.

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