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Statutory Reporter

Statutory Reporter is used to produce professional quality statutory reports for non-reporting entities. It works directly over client data from the:

  • MYOB AccountRight range of SME accounting products, or

  • Essentials Accounting, Cashbook or Practice Ledger.

Report settings can be configured to suit the reporting requirements of each client. Financial statements for the selected client can be previewed and generated.

There are a number of stages involved in configuring and generating financial statements using Statutory Reporter:

What version of Statutory Reporter am I using?

To find out what version of Statutory Reporter you have, use the About option on the Practice Report Settings page. You may require this information when requesting information or help from MYOB Support.

To find out your Statutory Reporter version

To check the Statutory Reporter version

  1. From within AE/AO, follow the menu path Maintenance > Maintenance MapClient Accounting > Practice Report Settings. The Practice Report Settings page opens.
  2. Click About on the TASKS bar. The Statutory Reporter Version, Database Version, Report Definition Version and Application Mode are listed in the About Statutory Reporter window.
  3. Click OK to close the window. The About Statutory Reporter window closes.
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