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Deleting a period

If an error has been made when creating a workpapers period, the Delete button can be used to delete the period.

Workpaper periods with a status of Not Started can be deleted. This means that no actions have been performed on the period.

Workpaper periods that are In Progress can also be deleted after removing any attached workpapers, documents, journals, To Do items (AE), and comments. See Deleting workpapers and source documents, Deleting adjustment journals, and Deleting a comment in a workpaper for more information.

In MYOB AO, currently there is no option to remove a To Do item after it has been added. If a To Do item is present in the workpaper period, the period cannot be deleted.

Click Refresh on the TASKS bar to refresh the status of the period.

If you're running AE/AO version 5.4.22 or later, you can delete workpaper periods as long as the status of the period is Not Started or In Progress and contains:

  • no comments
  • no journals
  • no to do items
  • no attached workpapers or documents.

If these items exist in the workpaper period, they'll have to be deleted manually first.

To delete a period
  1. Open the client’s Client Accounting > Trial Balance tab (called the Workpapers tab if you are licensed for Workpapers) tab.

  2. In the Select Period table, select the period to be deleted.

  3. Click Delete period on the Tasks bar. The Confirm Delete Workpaper window opens.

    If the workpaper period is “In Progress”, and there are still attached workpapers, documents, journals, To Do items (AE), or comments, a warning message will appear instructing you to remove these items first.
    In MYOB AO, if there are To Do items in the workpaper period, the period cannot be deleted.

  4. Click Yes. The selected workpapers period is deleted.

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