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Editing paragraphs

Practice Paragraphs (default paragraphs for all clients within the practice) and Client Paragraphs (custom paragraphs for selected clients) can be edited.

As of MYOB AE/AO version 5.4.32, paragraphs are colour-coded to make it easy to tell if they've been edited.

  • Orange indicates a practice-level change.
  • Blue indicates a client-level change. 
  • Black indicates no changes have been made.

To edit Practice Paragraphs, access the Paragraphs option from the Practice Report Settings. See Accessing practice paragraphs.

To edit Client Paragraphs, search and select the client before accessing the Paragraphs option from the client’s Client Accounting > Reports tab. See Accessing client paragraphs.

Paragraphs can be composed of two types of text:

  • Static text is displayed on the report as it is entered when editing the paragraphs.

  • Variable text — the value of variable text, that is the text that is displayed on the report, is provided by data recorded within Statutory Reporter. For example, a date variable may display the year start date, year end date or the date on which the report is printed. See Editing static text and Inserting and editing variables.

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