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Journal summary - Taxation

The Journal Summary report contains a list of all the journals and their associated amounts that have been mapped to assets of a control group.

A Journal Summary report is divided into 3 sections:

  • header

  • footer

  • content.

The report will be displayed in portrait orientation. The header of the Journal Summary report displays the client name, ABN (Australia)/IRD (New Zealand), report name and date period of the report.

The Journal Summary report is divided into:

  • General and Immediate deductible assets

  • (Australia) Small Business Pool Assets

  • (Australia) Low Value Pool Assets.

(Australia) A Journal Summary report can be generated if you are in integrated or non-integrated mode and with mapped or non-mapped accounts.

To generate a Journal summary report
  1. Open the Assets Listing page. See Opening an asset year.
  2. Select Reports > Journal summary on the main menu. The Report Options — Journal Summary window opens.
    The Date range is automatically set to the current asset register year and cannot be changed.
  3. Click OK. The Report: Journal Summary window opens for the client as a web html page.
    The columns displayed for a Journal Summary report are:
    • Account code
    • Description
    • Debits
    • Credits.
    If you have no linked account groups, no account code is listed in the Journal Summary report.
  4. Use the toolbar options of the MYOB Assets: Journal Summary Report window to search, print and/or save the report. See Reports toolbar options.
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