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Listing account allocations

The List Account Allocation button is used to generate a text file which lists the account codes and account descriptions for all client or practice accounts and how they have been allocated. The Account Allocation list can be sorted by account or account group.

To list the account allocations
  1. Access the account groups for the practice or for a selected client. See Accessing account groups.

  2. If Account Groups are to be configured for the practice, then select the Industry Type and nominate a Sample Client. See Accessing account groups.

  3. Click List Account Allocation. The List Account Allocation window opens.

  4. Select the sort order to list the account allocations. Select either Sort by Account or Sort by Account Group.

  5. Click OK. A text file is generated which lists the account allocations.

    If Sort by Account is selected, the text file lists each account, the account code and description and the account group to which it has been allocated.

    If Sort by Account Group is selected, the text file lists each account group and the accounts, the account codes and descriptions, which have been allocated to the group.

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