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Migrating MYOB AE Assets 2.4 data

You need to migrate from AE Assets to Client Accounting one ledger at a time, so we recommend creating the asset register as you migrate the ledgers.

Migrating brings across:

  • taxation and accounting data for general assets and pooled assets
  • the location association type
  • sub-assets (migrated as general assets)

If you have other, special transactions that aren't migrated, you may need to split these into multiple asset items after migration. For example, part sold assets can be split into shares. You can view the detailed list of Handling special transactions.

Before you begin

Make sure...

  • you're running AE Assets version 2.4 or higher
  • the assets register you're migrating has a year end of 2013 or later
  • your client doesn't have an asset register in Assets Live
  • AE Assets is closed for your client.

If you need help migrating data, click Help me migrate a ledger in the Migrate Data window.

To migrate MYOB AE Assets 2.4 data
  1. Go to the Client Accounting > Assets tab and, on the TASKS bar, click Migrate data.
  2. From the Product drop-down list, select AE Assets 2.4.

  3. Select the asset register to migrate:

    If the register is...Do this...
    Integrated with a MAS or Accounts ledger
    1. Click the
      (ellipsis) button.
    2. Select the asset register to migrate.
    3. Click OK.
    Not integrated with a MAS ledger (standalone ledger)
    1. Select the Browse for Non Integrated asset register (AST File only) checkbox.
    2. Click the
      (ellipsis) button.
    3. Select your client's asset ledger (.AST) file.
    4. Click OK.

    The ledger name, year end, start and end date are automatically populated from the selected Assets 2.4 Register.

  4. Click OK. The migration process begins and the Migration results for MYOB AE Assets 2.4 appears in the right-hand panel of the Assets.
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