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Statutory Reporter is used to produce professional quality statutory reports for non-reporting entities. It works directly over client data from the:

  • MYOB AccountRight range of SME accounting products, or

  • Essentials Accounting or Cashbook.

Report settings can be configured to suit the reporting requirements of each client. Financial statements for the selected client can be previewed and generated.

The main features of Statutory Reporter

  • Report directly over data in your client’s company file.

  • (Australia) Generate reports based on XYZ compliant master templates.

  • Customise report content for your entire practice or for an individual client.

  • Receive updated content from MYOB whilst retaining your customisations.

  • Utilise client data already stored in MYOB, such as client name and director’s names.

  • Apply security settings to control user access to a variety of features.

  • Modify text content and display options directly from the report preview.

  • Move accounts between report sections directly from the report preview.

  • Customise the grouping of accounts which will be summarised in a single line for the final reports.

  • Automatically summarise sections of the Balance Sheet by selecting the corresponding note in your report set.

  • Export reports to Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and PDF.

  • File reports into MYOB Document Manager.

  • Change the font and style of the reports.

  • Display or hide page numbers and account codes.

  • Modify page margins.

  • Display company logos and watermarks.

  • Display rounded balances, with rounding adjustments calculated and allocated automatically.

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