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Client accounting

Are you new to Client Accounting? Get on board with Client Accounting and let us walk you through the basics of how to prepare your first set of accounts.

Client Accounting is a ledger preparation system that also acts as a central location where you can easily access your client's financial data, such as financial statements, asset schedules, source documents and working papers.

This makes speeds up the auditing process as you can print all workpapers, supporting documents and a trial balance from within the workpaper period.

About the Client Accounting modules

Client Accounting is made up of three modules. These modules from the Client Accounting tab located within your client's record:

  1. Trial Balance (Workpapers) tab is where you'll perform most of your work including preparing workpapers and adding journals. In this module you can add journals, prepare workpapers and link source documents.
  2. Assets is where you'll create and maintain an assets register for your client. For each asset year you can calculate depreciation and print asset schedules. Assets Live is integrated to Workpapers so you can post depreciation journals straight from the register into the workpaper period.
  3. Reports tab lets you produce financial statements for your client. Any client-level customisations can performed from within this module.

How does it work?

Client Accounting streamlines your current workflows by allowing you to perform all your accounts preparation in a single location.

When using Client Accounting, you'll first configure or "link" a ledger to work with Client Accounting.

Once the ledger is configured, your balances be brought into a workpaper period. From here, you'll perform all your adjustment journals and attach any workpapers or documents to the accounts to support your balances.

When all your balances have been finalised, you can then close the workpaper period and head to the Reports tab to generate a set of Financial reports.

Check out our Client Accounting video tutorials to see how it works!

Your ledger options

Client Accounting can be configured to work with the following MYOB ledger products:

  • AccountRight (supports both online and offline files)
  • AccountRight Classic (v19 or earlier)
  • Essentials Accounting
  • MAS
  • AE Accounts
  • AO Classic GL
  • MYOB Ledger

Each ledger product that you configure comes with its own set of tools. To find out which ledger is right for your clients needs, click here.

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