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Separating debits and credits

To separate debits and credits using Edit Range Settings
  1. Access the account groups for the practice or for a selected client. See Accessing account groups. If Account Groups are to be configured for the practice, then select the Industry Type and nominate a Sample Client.
  2. Find and select the account range in the Account Group Details tree for which debits and credits are to be separated.

  3. Select Display account ranges. Select this option from the drop-down located at the bottom of the Account Group Details table.

  4. Click Edit Range Setting. The Range Settings window opens. The account range for which debits and credits are to be separated is identified at the top of the window.

  5. Select the Separate Debits and Credits option.

  6. Configure the range settings:
    1. Separate based on — two options are available from the drop-down to separate based on:
      • If debits and credits are to be separated based on Individual account balances, each individual account within the range is examined and allocated based on its balance.

      • If debits and credits are to be separate based on Header account balances, the header account balance is examined and all accounts within the range are allocated based on the balance of the header account.

    2. Display in this group select whether to display debits or credits, from the drop-down, in the currently selected account group. If Debits is selected the next field changes to Display credits in. If Credits is selected the next field changes to Display debits in.
    3. Display debits / credits in — click the ellipse button to select an Account Group to allocate the debits (if credits have already been allocated) or credits (if debits have already been allocated). The Select Account Group window opens.
    4. Select the appropriate account group.
    5. Click OK. The Select Account Group window closes and you are returned to the Range Settings window.
  7. Click OK. The range settings are saved and the Range Settings window closes. In the Account Group Details tree, the account range is displayed marked with a (DR) in the account group to which debits have been allocated and a (CR) in the account group to which credits have been allocated.
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