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Sorting, filtering and grouping your assets

To sort assets in the Assets Listing page
  • Click on a column heading to sort the list alphabetically, based on the values in that column.
  • Click the column heading again to reverse the sort order.
  • Click the column heading a third time to clear the sort order.
To filter assets in the Assets Listing page
  1. Click on a column in the Filter bar.
  2. The Filter bar is identified by the 
    in the left most column.
  3. Select a value from the drop-down list for the column. The list will only show entries that match the value selected in the filter.
  4. You can use wildcards when entering filters:
    • To find all entries in the column beginning with D, enter d* in the filter.

    • To find all entries in the column containing the characters FAMILY, enter *family* in the filter.

    • To find all entries ending in D, enter *d in the filter.

  5. Click 
    to remove the filter.

To group assets in the Assets Listing page

You can also change how assets are listed on the page, by dragging one or more of the available column headings to the Group bar

. This will group the items in the list by the column heading(s) you have selected.

For example, you can view the assets by control group rather than by Asset code. When you drag the required group heading to the Group bar, the list will be reset to reflect your chosen option. You can add another group heading either before or after those already selected to further sub-group the items.

To view all items, remove all the grouping options from the Group bar.

(Australia) If you have a lot of assets in a small business pool, a good way to organise the Asset Listing page is to group by Asset type and then sub-group by Contribution type.

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