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Statement of changes in equity for SDS

As part of the SDS changes, we've expanded the Account Group structure in the Reserves, Shareholder funds & Other folders to include a folder for every Reserve type (under Reserves) and the different Share types (shareholder funds) and for Other (any additional equity items). You'll find 4 subfolders under each Reserve type, Share type, and Other.

  • Opening balance

  • Movement

  • Other comprehensive income (not included for - Shareholders funds)

  • Restatement (not included for Shareholders funds).

You'll need to move the relevant codes into these folders for the Statement of Changes in Equity and post a journal for the opening balance account and the movement.

Posting a journal to opening balances account and movement

We've used MAS - Company chart for this example.

  1. Post the journal to raise the current year movement/other comprehensive income or restatement to opening balance.

    In this screenshot, we've posted all 3 in a single journal to show where the amounts will be picked up.

  2. Remap the account codes to the correct Reserve folder.

  3. You'll see the following in the reports.

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