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Tax schedule

The Tax Schedule report contains a list of all Taxation assets in an asset register which is Taxation only or Accounting and Taxation. In Australia, a summary of any assets in the small business and low value pool is provided.

A Tax Schedule report is divided into 3 sections:

  • header

  • footer

  • content.

The report will be displayed in landscape orientation. The header of the Tax Schedule report displays the client name, ABN (Australia) / IRD (New Zealand), report name and date period of the report.

In the Full Schedule Report and Tax Schedule Report, you'll see a note about an accelerated rate. This reminder appears in the reports whether or not you're using the accelerated rate.

To apply accelerated depreciation for assets, either:

  • from Assets, click the asset year and click Apply accelerated rate on the Tasks bar, or
  • to use MYOB Practice, from Assets, click View in browser on the Tasks bar and follow the steps in Accelerated depreciation rules.
To generate a Tax schedule report
  1. Open the Assets Listing page. See Opening an asset year.
  2. Select Reports > Tax schedule on the main menu. The Report Options — Tax Schedule Report window opens.
  3. Select the Date range for the report. By default, the Starting from and Ending on dates are those associated with the launched asset year. The Starting from date cannot be changed. The Ending on date can be changed, if required. The Ending on date must be within the current year. To change the Ending on date, enter a date in the format dd/mm/yyyy or select a different date from the drop-down calendar. Click Today on the drop-down calendar to use the current date.

    (Australia) The Ending on date has no affect on assets in the small business pool section (at the bottom of the report).
    All assets in the small business pool are always reported on for the full tax year.

  4. By default, the Include assets fully depreciated in prior year checkbox is selected. Deselect the checkbox if you do not want to include assets that were fully depreciated in the prior year.

  5. Click OK to generate the report.

  6. Click OK. The Tax Schedule report is displayed as a web html page. 

  7. Use the toolbar options of the MYOB Assets: Tax Schedule Report window to search, print and/or save the report. See Reports toolbar options.

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