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Editing document templates

Corporate Compliance and Corporate Admin will be retired on 15 April 2024.
You won't be able to use either software after 15 April 2024. Learn what this means for you

You can change any of the document templates to suit your needs.

The Template Editor generally follows Microsoft Word conventions for formatting options (e.g., font families, styles and sizes; paragraph alignment and styles; tab spacing and alignment; and margins). The page size is set to standard A4.


Pre-defined Tags are used to add Merge Text strings which are filled automatically by appropriate text in reports. These are used in the same way that Microsoft Word uses “data fields” to create a mail merge.

For example, in the Appoint or cease officers — directors’ meeting minutes template:

The Merge Text string <<Meeting_MultiLine_Address>> will be filled by the address of the Board of Directors meeting held to resolve appointing or ceasing officers. This address is selected while appointing or ceasing company officers in the Corporations module (see Step 17. in Appointing company officers).

Special code pairs

Three special pairs of codes are used in templates:

(( and )) — all text and Merge Text which appears after (( and before )) will be repeated if more than one entry meets the criteria. For example, when more than one officer is appointed at the meeting.
[[ and ]] — if no data is available to fill Merge Text after [[ and before ]], the entire line(s) will be hidden. For example, if the corporation has an ABN but no ACN, only the line(s) for ABN will appear in the report.
<< and >> — used to denote a Merge Text string.

Refer to the document templates to see where the special codes are used.

To update a document template
  1. Select Tools > Document Templates from the main menu. The Template Editor window opens.
  2. Select the template that you want to edit from the Templates drop-down list. The text of the document template opens in the word processing section of the window.
  3. Change the required text, formatting and margins using the toolbar and menus, and following Microsoft Word conventions.
  4. Insert Merge Text strings.
    1. Click the precise point in the text where you want the merged text to appear.

    2. Select the Merge Text string from the Tags drop-down list.

    The list of document tags varies with each document template.

  5. Add and adjust Special code pairs as required (see Special code pairs above).

  6. Click File > Save to save the template.

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