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Appointing company officers

Corporate Compliance and Corporate Admin will be retired on 15 April 2024.
You won't be able to use either software after 15 April 2024. Learn what this means for you

Use the Appoint or Cease an Officer wizard to appoint people to the positions of Director, Secretary or Alternate Director.

You can also use this wizard to cease officers (see Ceasing company officers).

To appoint an officer
  1. Select and open the corporation. See Selecting a corporation. The corporation opens at the Details tab.
  2. Click Appoint or Cease Officers on the Task bar. The Appoint or Cease Officers wizard opens.
  3. Select Appoint Officers.
  4. Click Next. The Select Officers to be Appointed window opens.
  5. Click Add.
  6. To select a Person name/code, click
    . The Find a Person window opens.
  7. If necessary, find the person by scrolling through the Name list or by searching.
  8. Select the person in the search list. If you cannot find the person, add their details from MYOB AE/AO (see Adding people).
  9. Select an Office held (i.e., Director, Company Director or Alternate Director).
  10. Enter the Date of appointment or select the date from the drop-down calendar.
  11. Click OK. The officer is added to the list of Officers to be appointed.
  12. To appoint further officers to the same corporation, repeat Step 5. to Step 11. for each additional officer. To delete officers from the list, click Delete.
  13. Click Next. The Select the documents you wish to produce window opens.
  14. Select the documents you need to produce:
    • ASIC form 484 — notification of change to office holders If you selected ASIC form 484, the form signatory fields are enabled. Select the Form Signatory from the drop-down list. (If the officer required is not on the list, they have not been appointed as an officer.) Enter the Form Sign Date or select the date from the drop-down calendar.
    • Minutes of the directors meeting
    • Officers consent to act form. If you did not select any documents to generate, a message box opens.

  15. Click Yes then go to Step 16.
  16. Click Next.

  17. If you selected Minutes of the directors meeting at the previous Step, the Enter details of the directors meeting window opens.

    • Enter the date of the meeting or select the date from the drop-down calendar.

    • Enter the Time of the meeting and when the Meeting closed.

    • Select where the meeting was held (i.e., Business Office or Registered Office).

    • Select the Chairperson for the meeting from the drop-down list. Select the Officers present.

  18. If you did not select Minutes of the directors meeting in the previous window, go to the next Step.

  19. Click Next. The Finish window opens with the list of appointed officers. To make changes, click Back.

  20. Select the documents you need to preview.

    • ASIC form 484 — notification of change to office holders

    • ASIC form 370 — notification by office holder of resignation

    • Minutes of the directors meeting, and/or

    • Officers consent to act form.

  21. Click Finish. If you selected to preview documents in the previous window, they display on the Print preview screen (see Previewing forms and documents). If you did not select to preview documents, the ASIC Form Validation window opens (seeASIC forms validation).

  22. Complete the form (see ASIC forms in progress) and lodge the form with ASIC (see Forms lodgement).

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