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Listing shareholders receiving dividend payments

Accountants Enterprise only

Corporate Compliance and Corporate Admin will be retired on 15 April 2024.
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You can list all the shareholders who are to receive each dividend payment by clicking the View Shareholders button on the Share Dividends screen. This opens the Shareholders receiving dividend payment screen.

You can also obtain details of any Joint Holders of each parcel of shares.

To list all shareholders receiving a dividend payment
  1. Open the Share Dividends window See Maintaining share dividends.

  2. Click View Shareholders. The Shareholders receiving dividend payment window opens. All who are receiving this dividend payment are listed with their essential details.

  3. To view details of any joint holders of share parcels: Select a line which has “Yes” under the Jointly Owned column. Click Joint Holders. The Joint Shareholders window opens listing the joint holders. Click Close. To return to the Shareholders receiving dividend payment screen.

  4. Click Close. The Share Dividends window closes.

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