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Audit Trail Settings tab

The Audit Trail Settings tab is used to set up your practice’s Audit Trail in Document Manager. There are 34 actions that can be recorded on the Audit Trail. By default, not all are recorded, but you can modify the settings to suit your requirements. A description of each activity is available on the Audit Trail Settings tab.

To view and edit which audit actions are recorded
  1. Select MaintenanceMaintenance Map (AO)Documents > Document Manager Setup. Document Manager Setup opens on the Welcome tab.
  2. Select the Audit Trail Settings tab. The Audit Trail Settings tab is displayed. The Audit Trail Settings tab consists of five columns:
    • Activity — the actions that the Audit Trail is able to record, if enabled.

    • Type — the type of Activity can be either an Action (such as the document being checked out, saved or a new version created) or Value & Action (when a property of a document was changed and that change was saved).

    • Default — whether the action is recorded by default. A Yes or No is listed against each activity.

    • Enable — selected checkboxes indicate that the specific Activity is enabled and being recorded in the Audit Trail. Click a checkbox to change whether it is enabled or disabled.

    • Description — a brief description of each Activity.

  3. Select/deselect the checkboxes in the Enable column for any activity you wish to change from the default value.

    Click the Reset to default button to return the Audit Trail Settings to the program default state. A confirmation dialog will appear when you want to Reset to default settings. Click Yes.

  4. To proceed to the Document Extra Lists tab of the Document Manager Setup, click Next. To save and close the Document Manager Setup, Finish.

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