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Document migration checklist

The following list will help you to organise the information you need and the actions you need to perform, before migrating your documents to MYOB Document Manager.


Document migration checklist
  1. Backup your current document management system.

  2. Backup your MYOB AE/AO database.

  3. List the documents and document types that will be migrated, for example, client, contact or assignment (AE) documents.

  4. Decide whether archived documents will be migrated.

  5. Decide whether documents will be migrated for closed contacts and clients.

  6. Determine the location of the documents to be migrated.

  7. Decide on the Document Manager filing cabinet that will be used for the migrated documents.

  8. Determine the new directory structure of the migrated documents.

  9. Organise a list of the document application types that will be migrated.

  10. Organise a list of the document file extensions that will not be migrated.

  11. List the default value of any extra fields.

  12. Determine the location of the migration report.

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