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Editing details in file notes

To edit details in a file note
  1. Click the hyperlinked title of the required File Note in the Analyse Documents page, Find Documents page or a Documents tab. The File Note page opens
  2. In the table, select the entry to be edited.
  3. If you want to link other documents to this item of the File Note, click the ellipse button in the Linked item cell of the table. For more details, see Linking items to file notes.
  4. Use the [Tab] key or place your cursor in the edit field below the formatting toolbar and make the required changes to the content by adding to or overtyping the existing text.
  5. Use the formatting toolbar to apply any formatting to the note content.
  6. The formatting options work in the same way as other Windows products.
    The following options are available:
    • Change fonts, font size and/or font colour

    • Add bold/italic/underlining

    • Align left/centre/right

    • Create a bulleted list

    • Undo/redo

    • Print.

  • Click OK.

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