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File Store tab

The File Store tab is used to enter all the required information about the server which your practice will use as the Document Manager File Store.

This tab must be configured before other settings can be completed. The information required should be obtained from or entered by your practice system administrator.

To set the default Document Manager file store server and location
  1. Select MaintenanceMaintenance Map (AO)Documents > Document Manager Setup. Document Manager Setup opens on the Welcome tab.
  2. Select the File Store tab. The File Store tab displays.
  3. Enter the name of the File Store Server to be used as the Document Manager database.
  4. To change details of the File Store Server Port, Indexing Service Port or File Store Location, run the Document Manager Configuration Tool. This information is originally set during the installation phase. To alter any details, contact MYOB Support for further assistance in running the configuration tool.
  5. To proceed to the Document Types tab of the Document Manager Setup, click Next.
    To save and close the Document Manager Setup, click Finish.








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