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Inserting links for creating documents from an Intranet Standard

A link can be created in a Microsoft Word document or Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, which will open the Create Document Wizard, allowing you to start a new document using a pre-defined Intranet Standard.

This enables you to set up an Intranet Standard as a checklist that contains links to other documents to be created. For example, you may have an Intranet Standard, which contains instructions for the Add Client process used by your practice. You can create links within your procedure to the documents used in the process such as a Client Engagement Sheet and Client Engagement Letter.

To insert a link for creating a document from an Intranet Standard
  1. Open the document or spreadsheet.
  2. Place the cursor where the link is to be inserted.
  3. Click 
    on the Document Manager toolbar. The Select Standard Item window opens.
  4. Use the Categories panel or the Filter and Search options to locate the standard that is to be linked.
  5. Select the standard from the right-hand panel.
  6. Click OK. The link will appear in your document or spreadsheet. When this link is clicked in the document, the Create Document Wizard opens with the selected standard document displayed.
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