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Integration with Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook

Download a PDF guide to learn more about toolbar features.

During installation, Document Manager adds new toolbar and function buttons to Microsoft Outlook, Word and Excel if these applications are already on the same system. The toolbar contains shortcuts to frequently used commands in Document Manager. Most are enabled only for documents that have been created in Document Manager. Some buttons will be specific to a particular Microsoft application.

Toolbar buttons and their functions





Displays information about the Document Manager version currently in use.

Audit Trail

Displays a history of all changes made to the open document, in descending date order.

Displays an audit trail, including editing history, changes to the approval status, linking and follow-ups and then the About icon.

Check In

Lock the document and store it with relevant archiving information and version number. A checked in document must be checked out before it can be edited.

Generally, you would only use this button if you wanted to check in a new document or a new version of a document. Usually, you would just save the document which would update the current version with the changes.


Open the Link Documents window to view the links to other documents and to add links.


View and edit the document properties, using the Document Properties window.

Send via Email

Send the document as an attachment via email to a selected client.

Only documents that are complete or approved are allowed to be sent to clients. This ensures that employees who are supposed to approve (AE) or complete (AO) documents do not send incomplete documents to clients.

Send Team Email

Sends a link to the document via email to internal staff only. The recipient will open the updated document from Document Manager.

Share It

Add the open Microsoft Word or Excel file to Document Manager.


Displays the current status of the document.

(AE) If the document does not require approval, a message showing the current status of the document displays; if the document requires approval, the Approvals window opens.

Std Text

Insert text from an Intranet Standard document in a specific location within the document.

This button is not available for Microsoft Excel.

To Do


Attach a To Do task (follow up note) to the document.


Mark the document as In progress.


Mark the document as requiring Rework.


Mark the document as Awaiting Approval.


Mark the document as Approved (AE) or Complete (AO).

Clicking OK on the displayed dialog will close the document.


Insert a link to an Intranet Standard.


Insert a link to a Managed Document.


Insert a link for creating a document from an Intranet Standard.


Opens the Insert Contact Fields window to enable you to insert selected fields listed in the window.

This function is relevant for MYOB Intranet documents only and would be used by administrators while creating standards and stationery.

Microsoft Outlook specific buttons



Attach a Document Manager document or image to the email.

If the email is not currently managed it will also profile the details to Document Manager.

Check In

Lock the email and store it with relevant archive information and version number. A checked in email must be checked out before it can be edited.

Insert Ref#

Insert a Document Manager reference number.

This will automatically profile the email into Document Manager and insert the reference number at the bottom of the email.

Merge Field

Insert merged fields into the current document.

Send Team Email

Send an email to internal staff only.

Share It

To add a Microsoft Word file from your local disk or network to Document Manager.

To add an email to Document Manager, including emails which were produced outside the Document Manager application.

You would use this option if you created a document outside of Document Manager and then realised that you needed it to be incorporated into Document Manager.

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