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Linking documents in MYOB

Linking enables you to group together related or associated documents. These can be documents for the same contact or for associated contacts.

To link documents
  1. In the Analyse Documents page, Find Documents page or a Documents tab, select the documents to be linked.
  2. Select Link Document on the Tasks bar. The Link Documents window opens.
  3. Select a document in the Documents to be linked table to view the documents it is currently linked to in the Existing Links table.

    If the Existing Links table is not visible in the Link Documents window, click the expand button to display it in the window.

  4. To add more documents to this linked set, click Add Link. The Search for a document window opens.
    1. Enter the search criteria for the required documents.

    2. Click Search.

    3. Select the required documents
      To customize the search results, select Field Chooser from the right-click menu.
      To add a column of information, drag the required column from the Field Chooser list onto the column header area.
      To remove a column of information, drag the column header away from the table somewhere or back to the Field Chooser list.
      Documents with attachments (such as emails) will have an 

      attachment icon displayed in the table.

    4. Click OK. You are returned to the Link Documents window.

  5. Select the document to be linked from the Documents to be linked table.
  6. To confirm that the required document has been selected, click View next to the Documents to be linked table. The program which created the selected file launches, displaying the document.
  7. When all the required documents are displayed in the Documents to be linked table, click OK to save the linked document set.
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