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My Checked Out Documents page

The My Checked Out Documents view displays documents that you have checked out for viewing, reviewing or modifying.

To access the My Checked Out Documents page, click the downward arrow on the Documents 

button on the toolbar and choose My Checked Out Documents from the drop-down menu options.

Right-click anywhere in the My Checked Out Documents tab to bring up the My Checked Out Documents right-click menu.

From this menu, you can:

  • Select Checked out info to open a dialog displaying the details of when you checked out the document and to where it has been saved.

  • Select Checkin to:

    • create a new version of the checked out document.

    • create a new document, leaving the original as it was before you checked it out.

    • replace the current version of the document, overriding the version you checked out.

  • Select Undo checkout to reverse your document checkout.

To manage your checked in/checked out documents, view the webinar below:

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