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Document Manager pages

Different view options can be added to homepages (AE) or are available to view and quickly access specific Document Manager information.:

(AE) To add a view option, click the Customise homepage option on the Task bar (see Customising homepages).

(AE) You can customise your homepages to include the following Document Manager homepage views:

These pages are accessed from the downward arrow on the Documents 

button on the toolbar.

Each of the Document Manager pages has an individual set of right-click options, used to access different view options.

Available options

Document Manager views include a range of tools and options similar to other MYOB pages. The buttons at the bottom of each window vary, depending on your authorisation and the page you are viewing.






Approved (AE)


Marks the selected document as Approved (AE) and Complete, ready for sending.



Awaiting Approval

Sends documents that have been marked as requiring approval to the authorised person to approve.



Available only when the selected document is marked as Checked out. Opens the Checkin wizard.


Checkout info

Opens a dialog that displays the details of who has checked out the document and when.


Delete Documents

Removes the selected document to the Trashbin.


Export to Excel

Exports the selected document(s) to Microsoft Excel.


In Progress

(AE) Returns a document that has been sent for Approval back to the In Progress stage.

(AO) Reverts a document from the Complete status to In Progress.


Link Documents

Links the selected document with other documents already in Document Manager.


Mark as Sent

Marks the selected document as being sent.



Prints the selected document. In the Print window that displays, select your desired printer and adjust your print job properties as required.


Produce Labels

This will generate mailing labels for selected clients.

Restore from Trashbin

Recovers a previously deleted item from the Trashbin.



Send the selected document back to the author for editing.

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