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Sending team emails

Emails can be sent to internal staff only within your practice or other registered domains that have been set up when Configuring Document Manager for use. This email type is used for informal communication that would normally not be saved in Document Manager. This is in contrast to emails relating to clients that should always have the required document attributes applied, such as reference numbers and versioning.

To send a team email
  1. Write the email.
  2. Enter the relevant internal email address and subject in Outlook.
  3. Click the Send Team Email button on the Outlook toolbar. The email is sent to the relevant recipient(s) but not saved in Document Manager.
To send a team email with an attached managed document link
  1. Open the document in Document Manager to display in the relevant application (for example, Microsoft Word).
  2. Click Send Team Email. A new email message is created with a document link inserted in the Attachments field.
  3. Enter the relevant email address and subject.
  4. To send the email (with the document link) to an internal staff member, click Send Team Email.
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