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Viewing previous migration reports

The system keeps document migration settings and exceptions in the database. You can re-create a copy of a previous migration report using the Document Migration Wizard.


To view a previous migration report
  1. Select MaintenanceDocuments > Document Migration on the main menu. The MYOB Document Manager - Document Migration Wizard opens at the Welcome screen.
  2. Select View previous migration report on the Tasks bar. The Generate previous Migration Report window opens.
  3. Select the time that the migration was run from the Select Migrated Time drop-down.
  4. Enter a path for the file in the Migration Report location field. The default path used is C:\Documents and Settings\<login name>\Application Data\Document Manager\Temp\.
  5. Click the Generate Report button. This starts the process of generating the previous migration report. On completion a message dialog appears stating that the report was successfully re-created.
  6. Click OK. The report is displayed in Notepad. Once you have finished reading the report, you can save it to another location, print it or just close it.
  7. Click Close. The Generate previous Migration Report window closes.
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