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What happens to my documents?

Any documents that you have published to the portal and/or have been approved by your clients, can remain in the portal.

Any digitally signed documents, originally published from Document Manager on your desktop are automatically saved in PDF format to Document Manager as a new version of the original document. The physical document remains online in your portal and only a link exists on your desktop MYOB AE/AO to the online version in the portal.

This will only occur for any documents that are digitally signed after you’ve installed the desktop release (version 2015.2 for Australia or 2015.3 or New Zealand).

To view the signed linked document from Document Manager
  1. Click on the document version to open and view the PDF. The 

    icon in front of the document identifies it as a digitally signed document linked to the online version in the portal. A message displays letting you know that your document is being retrieved from the portal.

    If you attempt to view a linked document which has been deleted from the portal, you’ll get a message letting you know that the document has been deleted from the portal.

Deleting a signed linked document from Document Manager

If you attempt to delete a version of the document in Document Manager that is linked to a digitally signed document in your portal, only the link to the online document will be removed. The digitally signed document will remain untouched in your portal.

Creating a new version from an online linked document

You’re able to create a new version from the digitally approved version which is linked to the one in your portal. A copy of the online document is downloaded to your desktop so that a new version can be created.


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