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Search is available from the:
How the search works

Search performs a full text search of the information in MYOB Intranet and looks through the content of the items. It also searches the information included by the MYOB Intranet administrator when the item was added to the MYOB Intranet, i.e., the title and description of the item and any keywords that have been added to the item.

The search will automatically look for variants on the entered search text, e.g., plurals and similar words. It searches through the content of the Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, text and html files.

Search will find web links where the search text is part of the title, description, keyword or if the text is part of the web address.

Using Search
  1. Enter the search text in the Search field.
  2. Enter a single word or multiple words. The search is not case sensitive, so text can be entered in upper or lower case.
  3. Click the magnifying glass icon next to the search box. This will start the search.
Search results

The Search Results display the items that contain the search criteria. Results are displayed in alphabetic order based on the title. Also displayed are the item’s name and its location. The number of items found by the search is displayed in the top right-hand corner of the view. If there are no items containing the search text, this displays as 0 Documents.

From the search results you can open an item, create a document or add it to your favourites in the same way as from any other view.

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