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MYOB Intranet Outlook toolbar

The MYOB Intranet Outlook toolbar is only displayed when using MYOB Intranet from Microsoft Outlook. The toolbar is found at the top of the window.

The buttons within the toolbar allow you to quickly refresh or re-display MYOB Intranet or to use functions such as the Favourites or Intranet Search. This toolbar is also available when another Outlook window is displayed so that MYOB Intranet can be easily accessed from other windows.

Intranet Outlook toolbar buttons



MYOB Intranet

Re-displays the MYOB Intranet window, e.g., when any other Outlook window is displayed.

This also refreshes the MYOB Intranet views, e.g., to display a new item that has been added in the administration since you opened the view.

Open Template Categories

This is the drop-down arrow that displays next to the MYOB Intranet button in the Outlook toolbar. The categories that display are the same as those shown in the left-hand menu.


Click the Favourites button to display the items that you have added as your favourites.

See Favourites.

Intranet Search

You can use this to search for an item. This is the same as the Searching field on the Navigation bar.

Toolbar Options

The button with the drop-down arrow (next to Intranet Search) can be used to select which toolbars are displayed. This is the same as selecting Customize from the Outlook toolbar.

To display the MYOB Intranet Outlook toolbar

If the MYOB Intranet Outlook toolbar is NOT displayed:

  1. Right-click in the Outlook toolbar area or select View > Toolbar. This displays a popup with a list of the toolbars that are available (e.g., Standard, Advanced, Web and MYOB Intranet).
  2. Click MYOB Intranet. The MYOB Intranet Outlook toolbar is displayed.
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