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Reading the lookup.xml file location

What is a lookup.xml file?

Lookup.xml is a configuration file used by the MYOB OnTheGo service to locate the MYOB AE/AO database(s). It contains a list of database connection strings. Each database that has been provisioned to use the MYOB OnTheGo service should have a corresponding entry in this configuration file. The MYOB OnTheGo service must be able to access a valid lookup.xml to run.

Where do I find the lookup.xml file?

The MYOB OnTheGo Diagnostic Tool must be run on the same machine that hosts your MYOB AE/AO installation.

By default the lookup.xml file is stored in <your program files folder>\MYOB\Central\Deploy\lookup.xml

If there is no registry entry for the lookup.xml file, it means that your MYOB Practice Solution has not been installed successfully or that the MYOB OnTheGo Diagnostic Tool is not being run in the correct environment.

If the MYOB AE/AO installation has been run correctly, but the MYOB OnTheGo Diagnostic Tool cannot locate the lookup.xml file, please contact MYOB Support.

If no registry path is found, the MYOB OnTheGo Diagnostic Tool attempts to use the default location, <your program files folder>\MYOB\Central\Deploy\lookup.xml

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