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Adding bookmarks

Bookmarks can be manually added to PDF Manager.

To create a new bookmark
  1. To create a new bookmark

  2. Select a document in the Source Documents tab.

  3. Click the Document Mark Up tab. The document will open in the Document Mark Up tab.

  4. Click the Bookmarks tab to the left of the document. The Bookmarks pane opens.

  5. Scroll to the page you want to add a bookmark to.

  6. Right-click the Bookmarks pane and select New from the menu. The new bookmark appears in the Bookmarks pane.

  7. Enter descriptive text for the bookmark.

  8. Click Save. The Save PDF window opens.

  9. Browse to the location where you want to save the PDF.

  10. Enter the file name you want to use on the Save As window.

  11. Click Save on the Save As window. The Save As window closes and the Save PDF window reappears.

  12. Click OK.





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