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Adding line comments

You can draw straight lines in a document using the Line tool, with explanatory text. You can also draw irregular shapes using a series of straight lines.

To change the fill and line colours, opacity and other appearance values, right-click the object and select Properties. Make your changes in the Appearance tab and click Close to save your changes.

To add a line comment
  1. To add a line comment
  2. Select a document in the Source Documents tab.

  3. Click the Document Mark Up tab. The document will open in the Document Mark Up tab.

  4. Scroll through the document to where you want to add the line.

  5. Click

  6. Click and drag in the document to draw a straight line.

  7. Double-click the line to open the text area and enter text to your line comment.

    You can draw irregular shapes with straight sides by repeating the above steps.

  8. Click outside the line area when finished.

  9. Click Save.






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