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Adding watermarks to documents

Watermarks are created as templates (see Creating watermarks) and used to add the watermark to any document in PDF Manager. They can be applied to selected or all pages of a document.

We recommend that you add the watermark after you complete the contents of your document.

To add a watermark to a document
  1. Select the document that is to be watermarked.
  2. Click File > Watermark.
  3. The Watermark Settings window opens.
  4. Ensure that the Apply Watermark radio button is selected. The File path, Page Range and Transparency fields are enabled.
  5. Click Browse. The Open page opens.

  6. Navigate to the location of your Watermark files and select the PDF file containing the watermark you want to use.

  7. Click Open. The selected watermark will be displayed in the dialog window (if the Preview Watermark checkbox is selected).

  8. Specify the Pages which will display the watermark. For example, 1, 3, 7-11 will add the watermark to the first page, third page and pages 7 to 11.

  9. Set the Transparency. A transparency of 95% will make the watermark almost invisible while a transparency of 0% will make it appear solid black. By default, it is 50%.

  10. Set the Layering using one of the following options:

  • Over the text — the watermark is laid on top of the text.

  • Underneath the text — the watermark is laid beneath the text.

  • Click OK.



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