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Savings documents to MYOB AO

You can save a document from PDF Manager to the client document folder in MYOB AO so that it can be accessed from the Client page > Document tab.


To save a document into MYOB AO
  1. Open PDF Manager.View a document.Select File > Save with. Alternatively, select Save with in the PDF Task bar. The Product to which the document will be saved defaults to MYOB AO. Only products accessible to PDF Manager are included in the drop-down. The default Client Code is displayed.
  2. If the default is not appropriate, select the appropriate Client Code from the drop-down. Alternatively, click the ellipse button to browse to the required client.
  3. Enter a File Name to identify the document. The default file location determined from the Client Code is shown. If necessary, click the ellipse button to browse to an alternative location to store the document. If you select a location other than the client document folder, the document will not be accessible by MYOB AO and you are warned.
  4. Click OK to save the document.
To verify that the document has been saved to the client document folder
  1. Open MYOB AO.

  2. Navigate to the Client page > Documents tab for a selected client. The imported documents are displayed in an Explorer style folder view.

    You can paste a document into the client document folder and it will be listed on the Client page > Documents tab.




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