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Adding a non chargeable assignment to the internal client

Practice Manager Accountants Enterprise only

In MYOB Accountants Enterprise Practice Manager (AE PM) assignments can be created to record non-chargeable time, such as annual leave, sick leave, or training. 

All non-chargeable assignments should be added to an internal client/s only.

Internal is an example code of the internal client but your internal client code maybe NonChg, Overhead, Admin, or Leave for example. You will need to check which code you select in your timesheets when entering leave.

You need to perform 2 steps to create a non-chargeable assignment:

Step 1 - Add the Assignment Type
  1. Create the new non-chargeable assignment type. Refer to Assignment Types and follow the steps for Setting up a new assignment type.

    For productive assignments, click the Included Time checkbox.
Step 2 - Add the new assignment
  1. Click Contacts, The Find Clients screen opens.

  2. Click the Assignments tab. The clients assignment tab appears.

  3. Click into the new record row Click here to add new... The Create Assignment for Client screen appears.

  4. Click Create New Assignment radio button.
  5. Type None in the Year drop down field.None displays.

  6. Enter an identifying name for the new assignment in the Name field.

  7. Enter the code for the new assignment in the Code field.
  8. Select an appropriate Assignment Type from the drop-down list.

    Check the Assignment Type is correct before continuing on to ensure your assignment and employee productivity reports are correct.

  9. Click Finish. The assignments attached to the internal client appear.



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