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Adding documents

If you have Document Manager installed, see Creating new documents in the Document Manager help.

The Documents tab is used to create and maintain a database of documents that relate to an (AE) assignment, contact, client or (AE) supplier.

You can add a document:

  • While in the Documents tab of a Client, Contact or (AE) Supplier page. You can create and save a link to a document.

  • (AE) While in Microsoft Outlook. You can create and save a link to the document in the Documents tab.

Storing links to documents this way gives the practice a central place where all information about an (AE) assignment, client, contact or (AE) supplier can be found quickly and easily.

To add a document
  1. Find and open the (AE) assignment, client, contact or (AE) supplier.

  2. Click the Documents tab.

  3. Click Add document on the Tasks bar. The Add Document windows opens.

  4. If you want to address the document to an associate of the selected contact, click the Addressee drop-down and select the required associate. Otherwise you can accept the default addressee or type the addressee details directly in the Addressee Line 1 and Line 2 fields.

  5. Click the ellipse button if you want to change the Location of where the document will be saved. The Browse For Folder window appears. Navigate to the required location and select a folder. Alternatively, click Make New Folder to create a new folder for the client‘s or contact’s documents.
    (AE) This window displays if you are in Windows Explorer view. If you are in List view, the Save As window displays. Navigate to the required location and click Save.

    The default location for saving the document is configured using Maintenance > Documents > Mailing Settings.

    The selected location is reflected in the Location field.

  6. Enter a unique Document Name. In MYOB AE, enter this if you are in Windows Explorer view. The Document Name is limited to a maximum of 50 alphanumeric characters.
  7. (AE) Enter any notes about the document in the Description field, if you are in List view.
  8. Select the template you want to use for the document in the Templates list. If the Template is not listed, click the ellipse button to find and select the template from the Browse For Folder window. Click OK
  9. Click OK.The new document opens in Microsoft Word.
  10. Enter the contents of the document.
  11. Save the document.
  12. Close Microsoft Word when you have finished the document. The new document is listed in the Documents tab. Click it to open the document for editing if required. 
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