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Adding notes

You can add Notes at any time concerning a client, employee, (AE) supplier, (AE) assignment details and contacts on the Main tab.

To add a note
  1. Find and open an (AE) assignment, client, contact, employee or (AE) supplier.

  2. Click the Main tab.

  3. Click inside the first blank line at the top of the Notes section on the Main tab. The date in the first row is highlighted.

  4. Enter a Title for the note that identifies the content for yourself and other users. The Title displays in the Notes list on the Main tab.

  5. Press [Enter]. The Note page opens.

  6. Type the contents of the note.

  7. Use the formatting toolbar to apply any formatting to the note content.

  8. Click OK. The note is saved and you are returned to the Main tab where the new note is listed.

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