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Notes on the Main tab

The Main tabs on the Contact, Client, Employee, (AE) Supplier and (AE) Assignment Details pages have a Notes area where you can store multiple notes for the selected record. You can use notes to record dealings and communications with contacts or clients and to store information that will be easily accessed by others in your practice.

Formatting tools for notes

The notes feature contains a formatting toolbar that enables you to customise the note.

You can apply:

  • bold font

  • underlining

  • italics

  • bullets

  • different font family and text colour and size

  • undo and redo changes

  • left, centre and right alignment.

Use the Copy to Clipboard right-click option to copy the content of an open note to the clipboard. Once copied, you can paste the content — including the note title, date and text — in RTF format into another application such as Microsoft Excel or Word.

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