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Address type

Accountants Enterprise only

You can set up and edit the various addresses for clients and contacts so that their correct addresses are used for the primary, billing or statement mailing addresses.

To set up a new address type
  1. Select MaintenanceAddress/Phone > Address Type on the main menu. The Maintenance — Address Type page opens. The table lists the address types in the first column with checkboxes in the remaining columns which enable you to define an Address Type as Primary Type and/or Billing and/or Statement address.

  2. In the first blank row of the Description column, enter the Address Type.

    The first 10 characters of the Address Type Description must be unique.

  3. Select the appropriate checkbox to make the new Address Type a Primary and/or Billing and/or Statement address.

  4. Click OK.

To edit an address type
  1.  Select MaintenanceAddress/Phone > Address Type. To edit an address type
  2. Click the Address Type you want to edit.

  3. Edit the Description.

  4. Select or deselect the appropriate Address Type checkboxes as required.

  5. Click OK to save the edited Address Type and close the page.

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