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Address types

Addresses are divided into two types:

  • Primary

  • Non Primary.

By default, the primary address is the one that is most commonly used by your practice as the client, contact or supplier’s mailing address. Your system administrator can add new address types and nominate which of these are to be considered the primary address. The primary address details automatically populate the fields on the Main tab for a client, contact or supplier.

Examples of address types your practice may use are:

  • Home

  • Billing

  • Business

  • Registered.

Only one occurrence of each address type can be attached to a client, contact or supplier. Where more than one type of address is required (e.g., two branch addresses), two separate address types must be created (e.g., a BRANCH1 and a BRANCH2 address type).

New address types and Other Details types must be created by the system administrator using Maintenance > Address/Phone > Address Type… and Phone number and Email address… before they can be accessed from the Addresses tab.
An address type can only be used once for each client, contact or supplier.

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