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Assignments, templates and template groups

Accountants Enterprise only

Assignments can be unique or derived from common templates. The templates can also belong to groups with similar characteristics or usage.

This section describes methods you can use to maintain assignments consistently and efficiently.


An assignment is the chargeable or non-chargeable work performed by the practice.

Chargeable assignments are performed for a client. For example, compliance, tax, accounting, financial planning.

Non-chargeable assignments are associated with the practice. For example, sick leave, study leave, time adjustment—university, etc., public holidays.

All work done is recorded against an assignment whether performed for a client or associated with the practice. A client must have at least one assignment that you can record work against.

Assignment templates

Assignment templates save you time, maintain costs and ensure consistency in the workflow.

Each assignment template consists of assignments that are used repeatedly for many clients. You can select an assignment template that is applicable to the type of work required by the client. An assignment template is also set up to include practice overheads and practice non-chargeable time.

If you cannot find a suitable assignment template to do some special work for a client, you can create a unique assignment to suit your needs.

Assignment template groups

Practice Manager only

An assignment template group is used to create a logical group of assignment templates. The group may define templates by a particular business unit, by types of clients or perhaps by location. Your practice defines how to set up an assignment template group and the system administrator will maintain it.

Examples of assignment template groups are:

  • A business unit assignment template group.

The practice has several business units, one of which, Financial Services, performs superannuation, financial planning and personal tax work.

If you have clients who frequently require this sort of work, you could create an assignment template group of:

  • Superannuation

  • Financial Planning

  • Personal Tax.

  • A client profile assignment template group.

The practice might have three types of clients — individual, company and trust.

For individuals, the assignment template group could comprise:

  • Superannuation

  • Tax Planning

  • Personal Tax.

For companies, the assignment template group could comprise:

  • Financial Planning

  • Business Development

  • Business Tax.

For trusts, the assignment template group could comprise:

  • Business Tax

  • Audit.

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