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Authorising and posting invoices from Supplier pages

Accountants Enterprise only

You can authorise and post your invoices from the Supplier page.

You can also authorise and post invoices from BookkeepingCreditors > Creditors Invoice.

To authorise and post an invoice from a Supplier page
  1. Select ContactsOpen > Suppliers from the toolbar. The Find Suppliers page opens.

  2. Find and open the supplier. See Finding and opening suppliers. The Supplier page opens on the Main tab by default for the selected record.

  3. Click Purchase Invoices on the Tasks bar. The Creditors Invoice window for the supplier opens. The Supplier and Code fields are automatically filled.

  4. Click Ledger. The Ledger window opens.

  5. Double-click an invoice. The Purchase Invoice window opens. The invoice details are displayed in the Analysis table.




    This field displays the net amount that the creditor will receive after tax has been deducted from the amount entered in the Amount field.

    If you make any changes to the Gross amount or change the Tax Rate, the amount in this cell updates automatically.

    Tax Rates

    The tax rate set up earlier on the Supplier page or the Create New Supplier wizard is displayed by default. Use the drop-down to update the tax rate if required. If you do change the tax rate, the amount displayed in the Net and Tax fields will update automatically to reflect the new tax rate.


    This field displays the amount of tax that will be deducted from the gross amount. Changes made to the Tax Rate are automatically adjusted in this cell.


    This field displays the amount entered in the Amount field. This field can be modified to reflect the break-up of a bill or different bills when you are paying for more than one bill through this invoice.


    This field displays the default nominal account for the supplier that was set up earlier on the Supplier page or the Create New Supplier wizard. You can click the field and select a nominal account from the drop-down if these accounts have been set up in the system.


    Enter notes in this field if required. Click the ellipse button to open the Comment box in which you can enter text.

    Assignment Description

    Enter a description of the assignment, if required.

  6. Once you are satisfied with the details, click Authorise 

    . A message confirms that the invoice has been authorised and the status changes to Authorised.

    To make modifications to an authorised invoice, click Unauthorise 

    . The status reverts to Unseen. Make modifications as required and click Authorised 
    . A message confirms that the invoice has been authorised and the status changes to Authorised.

  7. Click Post to post the invoice to the supplier ledger. A message confirms that the purchase ledger invoice was successfully posted.

  8. Click OK. To close the message window. The invoice disappears from the Purchase Ledger window and is posted to the supplier’s ledger.

  9. Click Close. The Purchase Invoice window closes.

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