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Finding and opening suppliers

Accountants Enterprise only

Finding and opening the correct supplier uses the same method as finding and opening clients, contacts or employees.

You can:

  • display all the supplier records in your database.

  • display only the supplier records that match the name or code you specify.

  • group the list of results so that records with the same information are grouped together.

  • change the information displayed on the list.

To find a supplier record
  1. Select ContactsOpen > Suppliers on the toolbar. The Find Suppliers page opens.

  2. In the Search for field, enter the name (or part of the name) of the supplier you want to find.

    To display all suppliers, either leave the Search for field blank and click Search or type % in the Search for field and click Search.

  3. Select your search options:

  • Select the Hide form when only one item found option, if required.

  • Select the Search any part option, if required.

  • Select the Include closed suppliers option, if the supplier you want to access is a closed supplier.

  • Click Search or press [Enter]. The results that match your search criteria are listed.

    • Select from a drop-down list to determine how the search results are organised:

    • New search—clears any currently listed search results and performs a new search on the criteria you enter.

    • Append to search—keeps any currently displayed search results and adds records from a new search to the current records.

    • New search from reports—enables you to search through information in specific reports instead of searching the database.

    • New search from lists—enables you to search a list of saved searches, rather than the whole database.

  • Group or sort the search results.

    Right-click the results table to access the Field Chooser. From the Field Chooser you can select the fields of information you want to be displayed with the listed records. Drag fields onto the list area from the window or vice versa.

    You can also copy the selected supplier’s name to the clipboard for use in other applications.

    See Organising your data and Customising a display table.

  • To open a supplier
    1. Select ContactsOpen > Suppliers on the toolbar. The Find Suppliers page opens.

    2. Double-click the record you want to open. The Supplier page for the selected record is displayed.

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