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Back up now

Back up now creates a backup of data and any critical configuration files for some of the products installed on your system at any time.


To back up your data
  1. Select Maintenance > Backup > Back Up Now on the main menu. The Back up now window opens.

  2. The Products to back up: field automatically lists the products installed on your system that will be backed up.

  3. Enter the Backup location.
    Click the ellipse button on the Backup location field. The Browse For Folder window opens.

    Ensure that you have write access to the location where the data will be backed up.

    1. Find and select the location for the backup or click Make New Folder.

    2. Click OK. The Browse For Folder window closes. The location of the backup is reflected in the Backup location field.

  4. Enter a Backup name.

    The combined Backup location and Backup name fields are limited to a maximum of 260 alphanumeric characters. A warning message is displayed if you exceed this limit.

  5. Click Back up. A Back up now progress status window opens. The products and data is backed up and the backup file is compressed into a zipped file.
    On completion, a Back up now message is displayed informing you that the backup has completed successfully.

  6. Click OK. The Back up now window closes. An entry is recorded in View backup history for each backup.

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