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Bank deposit slip

Practice Manager only

You can create an automatic deposit record for the bank when receipts are deposited. The deposit slips can be created for cheque receipts or for electronic payments. A Microsoft Excel template is used to merge the receipt details provided by the system into a pre-configured bank deposit record.

To create a bank deposit slip
  1. Select Debtors > Bank Deposit Slip on the toolbar. The Create Bank Deposit List window opens.

  2. Accept the default Deposit Number.

  3. Change the default Deposit Date, if necessary. For example, from today’s date to the date the receipts were/will be deposited.

  4. Enter the earliest date of these unbanked receipts in the Date From field.

  5. Enter the latest date of these unbanked receipts in the Date To field.

  6. Filter the list of receipts returned by selecting from the following drop-downs:

    • Company

    • Bank

      The Account Number field is automatically filled when the Bank is selected.

  7. Click Next. The Bank Deposit List window opens displaying receipts that match your selected criteria, finding all receipts entered for these dates for the company.

  8. Select the receipts.

  9. Click

    to create the bank deposit slip.

  10. Read the warning message.

  11. Click OK to continue.

    Once the deposits are exported to Microsoft Excel, they will not be displayed on this list again. A new deposit ID will be generated when this option is selected the next time.


    Microsoft Excel opens with the bank deposit slip.

  12. Check that the receipts are correct and print the deposit slip to your default printer.

    If you need to create a second deposit slip on the same day, take care to select only new receipts to merge with Microsoft Excel.

  13. Click Close. The Bank Deposit List window closes.

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