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Change assignment type

Accountants Enterprise only

The Assignment Type Change function converts one assignment type to another to enable pooling a group of assignments under one report. You can also update the Assignment Name and Code using this function.

The assignment type generally describes the main types of both internal and external work performed in the practice and specifically the work carried out. For example, you may have β€˜Tax’ as an assignment type.

To change an Assignment Type


  1. Select Maintenance > Assignment > Change Assignment Type on the main menu or Maintenance > Maintenance Map > Assignment > Change Assignment Type. The Change Assignment Type page opens.
  2. Find and select the Assignment you want to change by clicking the magnifying glass button. See Finding and opening assignments. The fields on the Change Assignment Type page update with information about the assignment.
  3. Change the assignment detail field information:
    1. Name β€” Change the name of the assignment, if required.

    2. Code β€” Change the code, if required.

  4. Select the assignment type you want to convert to in the Available Assignment Type table.

    You cannot change the Chargeable, External or Included Time fields.

  5. Click Change. The Assignment Type field in the Current Assignment Type table reflects the new Assignment Type.

  6. Click Close. The Change Assignment Type page closes.

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