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Closing employees/making employees inactive

In AE and AO, you can close an employee / make them inactive If they no longer work for your business. You won't be able to delete them as they will have historical data such as timesheets attached to their record.

You can reactivate the employee at any time by deselecting the Inactive option.

To close an employee you need to perform the two step process:

  1. Set the employee to inactive in AE or AO and
  2. Delete the my.MYOB login for the employee.

To set an employee to inactive in AE or AO

Perform the following steps in AE or AO.

  1. In AE/AO, from the toolbar, click the Contacts drop- down and choose Employees. The Find Employees screen appears.
  2. In the Search for field, type the Employee code or name and click Search. The Employee record appears.
  3. Ensure the Main tab is selected. The Main tab appears.
  4. Tick the Inactive field checkbox. The Inactive checkbox is now selected.
  5. Enter the relevant End Date located in the Stationed table and click OK. The employee is now inactive in AE or AO.

You must enter the End Date field to ensure the employee standard hours are calculated correctly for employee productivity reporting purposes. 

  • Don't remove the Primary tick on the Main tab.
  • You can't delete an employee if any entries have been entered against the employee.

If the above doesn't remove the employee from MYOB Practice, follow the steps below:

  1. Select the Inactive checkbox and click OK.
  2. From the Tasks bar, select Edit the my.myob.
  3. Enter the employee email address and click OK. Click OK again to close out of the Employee window.
  4. From the Tasks bar, again select Edit the my.myob.
  5. Remove the email address and click OK. Click OK again to close out of the Employee window.
  6. Open MYOB Practice to make sure the employee no longer appears on the Staff page.
To delete the my.MYOB login for the employee

Perform the following steps in the my.MYOB website.

  1. Follow the menu path: My Account > Manage practice users.
  2. Locate the employee to delete and select Delete from the Action column. The employee is now deleted.
Deleting the employee from the my.MYOB website will revoke the employee's access to any MYOB Online Products such as Practice Online, Assets Live and AccountRight Live files.



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