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Practice Manager enables you to manage your employee records easily. You can store and update personal employee data and practice-specific items such as charge rates and employee team details. You can also apply security controls to limit access to sensitive data in the system.

When your practice employs additional staff it is necessary to add these new employees to your database.

You can store information about employees including:

  • personal information and contact details

  • their office and department

  • standard working hours

  • (AE) salary and leave figures

  • (AE) employee benefits

  • (AE) types and dates of leave

  • (AE) permissions to authorise bills and timesheets

  • their security access rights and login details to this database.

Most employee information is accessed and maintained through the tabs on the Employee page. When you need to add new employees to the database use the Create Employee Wizard to guide you through the process and ensure that all relevant data is captured.

Once the employee has been created, their details can be edited or added to at a later stage on the individual tabs of the Employee page.

You can also run an Employee Detail report to give you compiled information about employees. You can filter the report information to include/exclude selected categories, offices or departments, if required.

In MYOB AE, managers or employees can manage assigned tasks using the Employee Planner.

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